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Updated: June 8, 2024

Organize all of your ideas in one place with Buffer’s new tagging feature. Manage your creative output. Track the success of different types of content. And build a searchable library of content.Introducing Tags: Organize and Categorize Your Content

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, where the competition for attention is relentless, the ability to connect with an audience or foster a thriving community hinges on one crucial aspect: the content itself.

You might know Buffer as a trusty tool for social media scheduling, but what you might not know is that people are creating thousands of content ideas and saving them to Buffer every day. They’re harnessing Buffer to build their own universe of content.

Introducing Tags: Organize and Categorize Your Content
This chart shows the weekly growth in the number of ideas that have been added to Buffer.

These are not just snippets or clever captions waiting to be unleashed; they are seeds of potential, each with the promise of becoming a blog post, a captivating podcast, an engaging YouTube video, a viral Reel, or perhaps even all of the above. With the influx of ideas flooding into Buffer, the need to keep them organized and accessible had never been more pressing.

Enter Tags, a new way to organize your content and manage your creative output.