Meet Kat Boogaard, who grew her freelance business to $300,000 before scaling back. See her revenue numbers and more in Open Books by Buffer.

At Buffer, we’ve long aimed to default to transparency, a practice we believe helps eliminate inequality and gives everyone a greater chance of succeeding. Financial transparency is especially close to our hearts, which is why we’re proud to share Open Books, a series of small business owners giving us a peek inside their books in the spirit of being open about finances as well. Join us as we explore the highs, lows, and hard-won financial lessons that have paved their paths, and discover how you can apply their insights to your own small business journey.

How This Freelancer Made $300,000 in One Year—And Why She Chose to Scale Back

Kat Boogaard’s journey into freelance writing isn’t all that unique: She was working full-time in marketing but yearned for more flexibility, creativity, and control in her work. Reflecting on her past projects and assignments, she noticed that writing was a common thread. So, she quit her full-time job to build a freelance writing business.

Her growth path, however, has been pretty uncommon. For one, she has built a stable and viable business, achieving six figures in revenue every year for the past five years and even bringing in multiple-six-figures in 2021 when she expanded he

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