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Updated: May 9, 2024

Here are five lessons Laura Martisiute learned along the path of small business ownershipHow I've Grown To 6 Figures In 3+ Years As A Content Agency Owner

I never thought I’d own a business. I also never thought I’d be able to make a living from writing.

Yet here I am, with a (small) content marketing agency, selling services to companies, including series A startups and tech enterprises, and making a six-figure dollar income each year. 

All this because I stumbled onto writing for a living accidentally. 

Back in 2015, I was in college and needed a job, but the market was tough, and no one was hiring. One day, I typed into Google “get paid to write” and stumbled on an ad for a site that paid writers $100 for accepted pitches about interesting topics. 

When I told my parents I got paid $100 for writing an article online, they were amazed. So was I. 

After graduating, I worked in various B2C marketing roles with tourism companies and heritage sites, which meant working alongside digital marketing agencies. I also kept writing, mostly for affiliate marketing agencies, as a side hustle.

But, during my day job, I noticed that quality content (blogs and web copy readers would actually engage with) was missing from most service offerings. 

Agencies that were good at providing technical assistance or managing paid channels left clients, like my employers and other businesses we worked with, hanging when it came to content strategy and development. 

I kept seeing content being tacked onto a marketing package as an afterthought, something that was typically outsourced to freelancers of variable quality or left up to internal teams that needed more ca

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